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Facial Coding – Seeing what you feel

Feelings are the key driver in our decision making process.

While people may be willing to share their general feeling after seeing a certain ad, it would be impossible for them to describe them in each and every second of it.

Furthermore, by asking people explicitly to describe their feelings, their answers are subjected to certain bias.

The Facial Coding technology is designed to help advertisers better understand what are the key emotions that the respondent shows while watching every second of the ad.



Facial Coding can help you understand:

  • What people feel in each second of the ad

  • What are the key scenes of your ad

  • Did your ad deliver the required emotional impact

  • Is your ad getting the right attention

  • Will the emotional effect of your ad survive several viewings?

Incorporated with AdWiser, our copy testing tool, Facial Coding technology provides invaluable insights to your ad’s performance and helps us generate impactful recommendations.


To learn more how Facial Coding can improve your ad, press here.


Facial Coding, Adwiser copy testing
Eye tracking – Seeing what you see

Knowing what grabs people’s attention and what doesn’t is a key to understanding what makes a good package.

While most people can tell you if they saw a specific element in a pack, only a few can tell you what they saw first and even fewer can state which element they saw second, third etc.

Eye tracking technology helps go behind the scenes and “see” what people are actually seeing, without the bias generated by asking them about it.

Used in package testing, ad testing, website evaluation and more, Eye tracking can assist you in the following ways:

  • Provide insights regarding what people ACTUALLY saw (and not what they think they saw…)

  • Understand the “visual route” people take when looking at the tested object

  • Identify the key visual elements

  • Verify that our brand cues and important visual elements are visible

  • Understand what and how to improve the pack.

Used as part of our Opto-Lab suite, Eye tracking technology helps boost and optimize your ability to improve your package performance.


To learn more how Eye Tracking can improve your package, press here.

eye tracking, Package research
eye tracking
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